Payement system: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase foods & drinks during the event?

During the whole competition, visitors will be allowed to purchase foods & drinks with a “cashless card” only.

What is a cashless card?

It is a magnetic card that visitors will be able to charge with money in order to purchase food & drinks.

Where can I get this card?

If you have pre-purchased your cashless card via the ticketing website, you can collect your cashless card at the main entrance (i.e. at the same place where tickets are sold).
If you haven’t pre-purchased your cashless card, no worries! You will still be able to get your card on the site. To get your card, please go to the “cashless desk”.



Is a deposit needed to get this card?
No deposit is needed to get this card!

How can I charge this cashless card?
There are two ways to charge this card: either with cash or with (credit) cards.

Where can I charge this card?
You will be able to charge this card at two different places:
1. In the main plaza (cash & cards)
2. Next to the main tribune (only cash)



How can I know the balance of my cashless card?
You will be able to see the balance of your cashless card after each transaction. The remaining amount will be displayed on the screen after charging your card or purchasing something with your card.

Can I get my money back after the event?
There are two possibilities:
1. You can introduce a refund request on This refund will take 7-10 days (some administrative fees will be deduced).
2. You have the possibility to donate the balance of your cashless card to an NGO.